How do I acquire a wind turbine?

Before setting up your system, you must submit a request for approval to your local authority, the district commission and to your power supply company.

We will provide you with the following documents:

  • Request (original) in triplicate
  • Technical documents in triplicate
  • Statics for the foundation in triplicate 
  • Ground plan of your property indicating where the wind turbine will be set up
These documents will be provided to you by Schachner Wind GmbH. We would also be pleased to handle the submissions for you.

What must be provided by the customer?

  • Foundation according to supplied static calculation, performed by a licensed building contractor with confirmation of the execution according to plan!
  • Licensed electrical company for the proper connection of the system pursuant to ÖVE (Austrian Federation for Electrical Engineering) according to the instructions of Schachner Wind GmbH
  • Lightning protection earthing for the tower
  • Excavation work
  • Cable from the generator to the rectifier

Power grid feed-in?

If you wish to feed in the wind power or excess current to the national power grid you will need a contract with your electricity provider. You will also need a feed-in contract with the energy partner of your choice. Schachner Wind GmbH can support you in this matter as well.
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