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Here a new video of our windturbine establishment.

Welcome to Schachner Wind Gmbh

Franz Schachner has been engaged in trendsetting technologies for over 30 years. Thanks to modern technology and ingenious know-how, it is now finally possible to use wind power for the in-house power supply.

The latest technology in wind generators

Wind power generators are quiet, low-maintenance, and a great deal more economical than photovoltaics. The amortization period will range between 8-10 years, which represents a great value. If the site is suitable the power of the wind should be used at all events. You can count on the wind during the night or whenever the sun does not shine during the day.
 Schachner wind power generators supply 800 W, 5 kW, 10 kW, 20 kW or 30 kW and ideally supplement the power supply on cold windy days. Enough power is generated to suspend the previously activated heater during the transition period, thus saving money. Relying on wind power means trusting in the environmentally friendly, trendsetting and favourable generation of energy.

Come to our test system and convince yourself - we look forward to meeting you!

Solar windmill model

Small Solar-windmill model
height: approx. 30cm

Now at the price of only € 29,90!!

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